Accounting Services

Know where your business is heading.† Making use of available accounting services allows you to analyse the financial side of your business to really understand where your business is at, and where it is going.††

Regular use of accounting services is also highly likely to reduce your accounting costs from an overall perspective.

Budgeting and forecasting

Cash flow analysis

Preparation and analysis of periodic financial reports

Account reconciliation

End of month, end of quarter, and/or end of year closing

Preparation of annual financial statements

General Ledger Maintenance

Project/contract performance reporting and forecasting



Budgeting and forecasting

What does your business want to achieve, how are you going to get there, and are you on track?† These are all questions that budgeting and forecasting can help to answer.

Cash flow analysis

A common cause of stress for small business.† We can help you to meet future business requirements by helping you to understand and plan your cash flows.

Preparation of periodic financial reports and analysis

Your small business seems to be doing fine. You have plenty of customers and your employees are working hard. Yet, your bank account is empty and you're having problems paying the bills. On the outside, it looks like everything should be terrific, but somehow, it isn't. So, what's wrong? How do you figure out where all your money is going when it seems you have plenty coming in? The answer may be in your financial statements. It may be time to analyse the financial side of your business, and that's exactly where financial statements can help you.

Know where your business is heading.† We can help whether you need regular financial reporting provided, your financial reports restructured so you can understand them, or you just need help understanding what your financial reporting is telling you.

Account reconciliation

Regular reconciliation of your accounts can help to substantially reduce end of year accounting costs.† Use a competent bookkeeper or your accountant for guidance.

End of month, quarter, and end of year closing

Donít let your accounts become a mess.† Working with your accountant to close off and clean up on a regular basis will reduce accounting costs in the longer term.

Preparation of annual financial statements

Financial statements are more than a simple listing of business income and expenses. Appropriately prepared financial statements can show you the cash flow of your business, any outstanding debts, and the value of your assets. Once you start to understand your financial statements, you will realise there is far more to income than actual deposits in the bank.

To really comprehend where your business stands, it is critical to look at certain financial statements. Financial statements are generated by first organising, and then analysing, numbers from your accounting activities. You'll want to start with the two primary financial statements, which are your Profit and Loss Statement, and your Balance Sheet. After which, you may want to delve deeper, and look at your Cash Flow Statement, as that will show you exactly where your cash is coming from and then where it is going.

General Ledger maintenance

If your general ledger has become out of control, we can help you clean up your accounts and restore them to a structure that you can understand and manage again.

Project/contract performance reporting and forecasting

Donít lose money on out of scope works, variations, or unallocated time or materials.† Make sure you know where your jobs are at, so you can claim all works in time for payment.


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